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Choosing the Right Hosting Provider: A How-to Guide

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of digital marketing or regard yourself as a bit of a tech veteran, when it comes to website hosting you will no doubt have come across some obstacles. With all providers promising to be the best option and for the best price, it can be hard to differentiate the good deals from the great ones. Below, we look at the most important factors to consider when choosing a web hosting provider.

Back ups

A hosting back-up feature does what it says on the tin; backs up your web files. This ensures that should you be hacked, your files can be accessed easily, quickly and be reinstated. When being backed up, these files are stored across multiple physical servers.

SSL Certificates

Websites use SSL technology to protect sensitive information that’s sent between computers and servers. Websites without SSL hosting now seem unsafe and will not be viewed favourably by modern internet users.


Speed is so important when it comes to hosting! That’s because over 70% of people will bounce off a website if it takes too long to load. This is why ensuring you are using a hosting provider that offers high speeds and hosting products that are fully optimised for high-performance is a must.

Customer support

One of the biggest frustrations when it comes to web hosting is finding a provider that is easy to contact, professional and quick to respond. This is especially important in times where a website may be down or is facing some sort of technical issue.


While speed, security and back-ups are all important qualities to consider, at the end of the day a lot will boil down to price. Here at Web Hosting Cymru, we offer affordable web hosting services that can be paid for monthly, with our various feature-rich packages comprising something for everyone! Explore our packages today and ensure your web hosting is with the right provider.
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