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Do I Need a SSL Certificate for my Website?

Do I need a SSL Certificate for my website? This is a question that we at Web Hosting Cymru get asked a lot. The short answer is – yes! This is because there are many benefits to having an SSL Certificate. From heightened security to peace of mind for your customers, we look at the main reasons having an SSL Certificate for your website is a necessity! 

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates are small data files that marry a cryptographic key to a website’s information. These are commonly used to secure credit card transactions, data transfers and logins. In recent times, they have also been used to secure crawling of social media sites.  In essence, they allow for safe connections from a web server to a browser.

Does my website have an SSL Certificate?

Unsure if your website has an SSL Certificate? When an SSL certificate has been successfully installed on a web server, the application protocol (HTTP) will change to HTTPS. The additional ‘S’ stands for ‘secure’.

What are the advantages of having an SSL Certificate?

As mentioned, there are limitless advantages to investing in this technology. The most notable are: Keep data secure between servers: Whether you operate an e-commerce site or a retail business, keeping your company and customer information safe will understandably be a priority. By investing in an SSL Certificate, you can ensure data between servers is kept safe, always. 

Increase your Google Rankings

Google rewards websites that have taken additional security measures to protect data. By having your site encrypted, you will see your website appear for more relevant search terms, resulting in more traffic and more customers!

Build/Enhance customer trust

If a website is not encrypted, an error message will pop up. This will instill an immediate lack of confidence in your user, seeing them bounce off your site pretty quickly. And, with high bounce rates having a negative impact on Google’s ranking algorithms, this is something you should work hard to avoid.

Improve conversion rates

As mentioned, consumers are becoming more aware of online safety, only purchasing and sharing information with sites that feel secure. By showing your dedication to online safety via a SSL Certificate, you will inevitably improve your conversion rates!  Purchase SSL hosting via and start securing your websites properly!
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