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The Advantages of a .Wales Domain Extension

Whether setting up a new business or rebranding and enhancing your position online, having the right domain name for your website is essential. As an important digital asset, your company domain is much more than a way for users to reach you, having a significant bearing on your company image, ranking position and much more. Here at Web Hosting Cymru, we help businesses to celebrate their niche online, having been supporting Welsh businesses in particular with our various online services. As one of the few retailers of .wales extensions, we are thrilled to see a constant increase in companies investing in this extension alternative.

Welsh pride

If your business is proud of its Welsh heritage then this message will no doubt be prevalent throughout your branding and marketing. By using a .wales domain extension, this celebration of Welsh pride is only heightened, immediately communicating your brand ethos and Welsh roots!

Attract Welsh consumers/clients

Choosing a .wales extension could well be a strategic move, especially if you are looking to target Welsh consumers exclusively. Research shows that Welsh consumers are more likely to purchase products and services locally, with Wales being one of the biggest campaigners behind the #ShopLocal movement.

Access a wide range of domains

With popular domains being snapped up quickly or being advertised for eye-watering amounts, many are left with slim pickings. By exploring alternative domain extensions such as .wales, you can access a wide range of domains in-keeping with your brand and vision!

It’s unique!

Whether you operate an ecommerce platform, estate agency or even an accountancy firm, you will want your business to be unique and interesting from a customer point of view. With alternative domain extensions still relatively new and unheard of, they are an easy, affordable way to stand in a crowd of competitors.

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